Students taking English classes are sure to find that bookwork and learning grammatical technicalities are both critical parts of study. However, it is also essential for students to explore new vocabulary skills. Adding vocabulary aptitudes should be part of any student’s regular learning program. As a matter of fact, building a comprehensive vocabulary is an essential part of being able to communicate in English.

With an extensive vocabulary, you can better express your ideas. Communicating in another language is only possible if you have a decent vocabulary. The more expansive your vocabulary in English becomes, the better you will be able to convey your ideas, ask questions, and integrate into a culture. Moreover, with a large vocabulary, you will appear intelligent and well-versed as you converse in any foreign language.

Here, we will discuss the importance of building vocabulary skills in the English language as you learn, grow your skills, and achieve your English-speaking potential.

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Five Reasons Vocabulary Skills Matter

For foreign English speakers learning a new language, having a rich vocabulary is essential for writing, reading, and speaking. Average native English speakers know at least 5,000 words by the age of just six years old. English-speaking students will quickly learn that to communicate well with their peers, a diverse vocabulary is needed.

With ESL students, communicating becomes far more effective once new vocabulary skills develop. In English, many different nouns, adjectives, and pronouns may be used to describe the same object, action, individual, or emotion. For this reason, vocabulary is a vital tool required for communication.

Indeed, an immense vocabulary is one of the most valuable building blocks that can be utilized to express ideas, share information, and develop a better understanding of others. Even with minimal grammar skills, impressive vocabulary aptitudes can help ESL students communicate and express their ideas in a range of situations.

1. Reading and Writing are Easier with a Comprehensive Vocabulary

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Being able to read and write the English language is very important for a multitude of reasons. Having an in-depth vocabulary makes reading and writing simpler. Imagine that you are in a restaurant looking for the bathroom. A bathroom may be labeled as a restroom, a water closet, a toilet, a ladies’ room, a men’s room, or a washroom. All of these vocabulary words can be used to describe the same type of space!

Or, imagine you are reading a book with many new words in it. Looking up words in a dictionary constantly or trying to guess their meaning based on the context alone can be exhausting. However, if you already understand an array of vocabulary words, you will be able to connect more easily with the terminology used in the book you are reading.

2. Listening to Others Speak and Understanding What They Mean Requires an Adequate Vocabulary

Just like with reading a book, listening to another person speak requires an adequate vocabulary. Different individuals tend to communicate based on a range of factors. People in a particular region, family group, or even a work environment may use different adjectives, verbs, and nouns to describe the same thing. Knowing when and where specific terms will be used, and understanding what those terms mean, can help you better navigate the world around you.

For example, in day-to-day conversation, someone may say that they are driving a car. However, if that same person went to the DMV, they would call it their vehicle. If they went to the mechanic, they would describe it as a sedan. Sedan, vehicle, and car are all words for the same mode of transportation. Different words will be used to describe the same object in different contexts. Your vocabulary skills can help you listen to what people are saying and understand the context of the topic they are describing.

3. Speaking a Language and Communicating is Easier with the Right Words

Having a flexible vocabulary can also help you communicate your ideas thoroughly. Imagine trying to talk with someone and suddenly getting stuck, unable to bring the right word to mind. In your mind, you know exactly what you are trying to describe, but you just do not have the right word for what is on ‘the tip of your tongue’. This can be a very frustrating experience! Especially if you are in a situation where your ability to speak distinctly is important.

Whether you are at a job interview, an appointment, or are about to meet someone new, the right vocabulary matters. Knowing which words you want to say can help you communicate and be understood well, particularly when it matters most.

4. Vocabulary is a Foundational Concept in English

Think of a young child first learning to speak. Even with no understanding of grammar or technical language speaking skills, a child can communicate simply by pointing to an object and naming what it is.

For instance, a young child can point to an object and say “toy”, “cat”, or “drink”, and in general, the adult will help them get what they want. This is an example of a vocabulary communication concept that any listener can easily understand.

5. Vocabulary is the Gateway to Language Worldwide

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The wider and more comprehensive an individual’s vocabulary is, the more they will be able to grow all of their linguistic skills. This includes speaking, reading, writing, and general communication skills in English and other languages. Vocabulary practice can make listening, expressing ideas, and communicating with people from many backgrounds a far easier task!

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