Have you been considering moving to Las Vegas, Nevada? Perhaps, your international studies motivated you to relocate to this enchanting US city in the desert. Or, maybe you simply feel it is time for a fresh start in a warmer climate. Regardless of your reasons for moving to Vegas, this stunning city has a lot to offer new residents!

While it is true that the infamous Las Vegas Strip is a huge lure for locals and international visitors alike, the exciting metropolis has plenty to offer long-term inhabitants as well! However, before you make your move to Las Vegas, there are a few things that you should know.
Below, we will go over ten useful tips to implement if you are considering moving to Las Vegas. With this helpful local advice, you will be better equipped for your move and transition to this popular Nevada city.

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Tip 1: You Should Know the Difference Between the Strip and Downtown

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Many people confuse the famous Las Vegas Strip with the city’s main downtown area. However, “The Strip” is not actually in downtown Las Vegas. Instead, it is located on the city’s southern side, near Harry Reid International Airport. Paradise Valley, Spring Valley, and the University District are also located near The Strip. Officially, the downtown area of Las Vegas runs up Las Vegas Boulevard and incorporates sites between Highway 159 and W Owens Ave. Bearing that in mind, the Las Vegas Strip is well worth exploring and has several fascinating venues and locations for you to visit!

Tip 2: Las Vegas is a Great Place for Active People

Many people associate the city of Las Vegas with casinos, card games, and late-night betting streaks. However, if you love the outdoors, Las Vegas might just be the place for you! Just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find bike trails, hiking paths, and plenty of exciting outdoor activities. At Red Rock Canyon, for instance, visitors can enjoy a beautiful scenic drive, hiking near Turtlehead Peak, and canyon trails for camping and outdoor excursions. Those who enjoy adventure sports are sure to appreciate the many options for kayaking, ATV excursions, and more.

Tip 3: This Desert City Has a Hot Arid Climate

No matter where you move, you should be prepared for the local climate conditions. Knowing what weather to expect in the area where you plan to live can help you make better decisions all the way around. Las Vegas is part of the Mojave Desert basin floor, a dry, hot region in the United States. This city has comparatively low humidity and an arid, sandy, rocky landscape. Temperature highs in the winter range from the upper 50s to the mid-60s. If you are not used to a desert climate, you should be prepared for hot, soaring temperatures in the daytime and significantly colder, plummeting temperatures at night. It rarely snows in Las Vegas, so if you hate the cold, this is a great city to live in. However, temperatures of over 110° are common throughout the area. Las Vegas gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year! Overall, this is a hot, dry, desert city.

Tip 4: Vegas is Made Up of Sprawling Suburbs so You Might Need a Car

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Knowing how to get around is one of the most important things to know before you move. Las Vegas has a bustling downtown area and many vast suburban regions. It takes around 40 minutes to drive from one end of Las Vegas to the other! This means that you will want to own a car if you plan to navigate the city regularly. While there are public transit options in Las Vegas, they cannot help you travel to many suburban areas. So, you will want to own a vehicle and be good at driving. Although the traffic in Las Vegas is not particularly intense, things can get congested near the Las Vegas Strip and an infamous area known as “Spaghetti Junction.”

Tip 5: Being a Vegas Resident Gives You Many Local Benefits

Tourists from all over the world visit Las Vegas every single day. However, if you actually live in the city as a permanent resident, you can enjoy many great opportunities and discount deals. For example, many residents know how to score bargain tickets to amazing shows and events in Las Vegas. Las Vegas also has numerous cultural venues like the Neon Museum, Natural History Museum, Burlesque Hall of Fame, Discovery Children’s Museum, Downtown Arts District, and Smith Center. All in all, locals will find a lot of exciting and affordable things to do in the area!

Tip 6: Las Vegas Has NHL and NFL Sports Teams

If you move to Las Vegas, you should know which teams to follow and cheer for. Las Vegas has the T-Mobile Arena, a National Hockey League (NHL) stadium, and the Mandalay Bay Event Center. The NFL Raiders are officially a Las Vegas team now, and the Golden Knights hockey team also calls Las Vegas its home base.

Tip 7: This City is Powered by Hospitality and Tourism

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Over 40% of the economy in Las Vegas is supported by tourism. Hospitality jobs are everywhere! If you are a bartender, food service worker, or want a career in hospitality, this is a very lucrative city to live in. Nevada also has no state income tax, which makes it a great place to live if you are an entrepreneur. However, to find a job in Las Vegas, you will need to refine your skills. So, be sure to know what your game plan is when seeking employment.

Tip 8: Las Vegas Has Various Housing Options

There are plenty of places to live and rent in Las Vegas. If you want to purchase a home, suburban neighborhoods can be found at every end of the city. Diverse rentals are available as well. Townhouses, apartments, and mobile homes can be leased for prices ranging from $800 to $5,000 per month, depending on where you want to stay, your credit score, and what you can afford.

Tip 9: You Should Be Prepared to Live in a Diverse, Multicultural Place

America is known as the great melting pot, and Las Vegas is no exception! Diverse Las Vegas communities have rapidly transformed the Silver State City into a diverse oasis. As the entire region expands into an ethnically integrated and thriving metropolis, it is important to be ready for a multicultural experience. Those looking to enjoy more art and culture are sure to appreciate the innovative diversification of the Las Vegas area!

Tip 10: Being Bilingual in Las Vegas Gives You an Advantage

For many, possessing multi-linguistic skills in Las Vegas is a must. Expanding your language and cultural communication capabilities can help you make the most of living in a diverse city like this. Whether this means learning to speak Spanish or refining your English, knowing more than one language can help you take advantage of everything that Las Vegas has to offer!

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